Businesses face new security challenges like an increase in DDoS attacks, application specific attacks, evolving data protection and privacy legislation. This results in a growing need to better protect your online presence. 

Protect your hosting infrastructure

To achieve this, we work together with our partners to provide security solutions like Akamai’s Cloud Web Application Firewall (WAF, Kona Site Defender) to better protect your hosting infrastructure. The WAF adds logging on transaction level, being compliant with the new European GDPR law. To better protect your applications, we can add additional layers of protection, such as Kona Client Reputation.


Kona Site Defender

Kona Site Defender provides broad protection for websites and applications from downtime and data theft caused by opportunistic and sophisticated web attacks, as well as Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. Organizations that use Kona Site Defender can aggressively innovate their web offerings to increase delivery performance without the distraction of an increasing number of targeted attacks. Kona Site Defender protects websites and APIs against all types of sophisticated DDoS, web application, and direct-to-origin attacks, leveraging an always-on multi-layered toolset. Kona Site Defender’s web application firewall absorbs DDoS attacks targeted at the application layer and authenticates valid traffic at the network edge. Build-in automated controls respond to attacks within seconds.

Kona Client Reputation

Kona Client Reputation can increase the accuracy of your security decisions to better identify malicious clients. Client Reputation provides an additional layer of protection on top of Kona Site Defender. This optional module can further improve security decisions by providing the ability to filter malicious clients based on their behavior and risk score. It uses a state-of-the-art, proprietary risk analysis engine that computes a risk score for every source IP address, customized for every customer. It helps to protect your applications against web attackers (such as SQL injections, Remote file inclusion or cross site scripting), scanning tools, web scrapers.

This custom risk-based scoring model is significantly more accurate than generic scoring. Client Reputation provides deep visibility into client activities and adds an additional, very sophisticated intelligence-based protection layer to our customers’ web application delivery. It can significantly improve your security decisions.

Content of Security

Enterprise Application Access

The increase in sharing information and connecting internal applications with contractors, suppliers, partners, customers and developers can pose serious security risks. When access to internal applications are properly managed, attackers can gain access to the entire network. Akamai’s Enterprise Application Access solution solves these problems, helping businesses transform application access to meet today’s mobile and cloud-centric requirements while improving their overall security posture. Enterprise Application Access (EAA) provides a simple, secure, and fast alternative to traditional access technologies such as VPN, Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), and proxies.

A cloud architecture closes all inbound firewall ports while providing authenticated end users access to only the specific applications that their jobs require, without supplying full network access It can be deployed and stand up new applications and users in a matter of minutes through a unified portal, at a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions. The result is a secure-access delivery model that enables a zero-trust framework for critical workloads deployed in any environment.

Key benefits of Enterprise Application Access:

  • Drastically improve your security posture
  • Reduce complexity for IT
  • Provide a Fast, Seamless User Experience

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