TRIMM Performance Cloud


Websites and platforms often do not have the desired speed abroad and the security of the online platform is a major challenge. We respond to these challenges by providing fast and secure solutions worldwide and relieving clients with the burden of hosting activities. We offer over 10 years of experience in Cloud Performance Hosting and over these years we've created valuable partnerships with Akamai, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and Jelastic to develop a broad range of services to meet your business goals.


Websites with a Cloud Web Application Firewall (WAF) are better protected against DDoS attacks. By adding a Web Application Firewall (Kona Site Defender), all sites are well protected from DDoS attacks and other targeted web application attacks. The WAF will secure all hosting locations, such as Azure, AWS, and on-premise while management & logging is only needed at one location: the Akamai platform. The WAF adds logging on a transaction level, being ready for new European GDPR law.



Akamai is the world market leader in secure content delivery services. Akamai can also protect your web platforms against high volume DDOS attacks and other malicious assaults.


With Microsoft Azure Cloud we create flexibilty for applications at scale. Azure offers a complete and secure portfolio which can be easily integrated with your applications.


Jelastic offers a dedicated cloud platform, which is easy to use, easy for developers and easy to scale. It can also operate as cloud broker layer above other solutions.


The move into the cloud started with Amazon Web Services. Within our partnership we choose AWS for specific cloud services. AWS can be used for most applications stacks.

TRIMM has proven to be one of the best in working with CDN services, integrating it with CMS propositions and enabling the best customer experience in far reaching markets like Asia together with Akamai.

Edwin van de Merbel - Nexperia


Performance cloud is part of TRIMM. Our story started 25 years ago when TRIMM started pioneering the internet including offering its own dedicated hosting solutions. Industry developed over the years, and TRIMM extends its knowledge offering cloud and performance solutions: Performance cloud. We accelerate and protect cloud solutions. We are able to bring together a solid basis of hosting and combine this with fast and secure cloud solutions,  for our domestic and international clients like Signify, Nexperia, Dorel and Grolsch. We offer over 10 years of experience in Cloud Performance. Over the years we have created valuable partnerships with Akamai, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and Jelastic, and we’ve developed a broad range of services to meet your business goals.