Partnerships with world-leading public cloud providers (Amazon Web ServicesMicrosoft AzureAkamai) and years of experience running on-premise cloud environments (VMWare, Docker, Jelastic), gives us the ability to pick the best ingredients required to build secure cloud solutions. 


The American company Akamai is one of the biggest Content Delivery Network (CDN) providers in the world. Besides that, Akamai is a world leader in secure content delivery services, and is a specialist in protecting web platforms against high volume DDOS attacks.


With Microsoft Azure we have the flexibility to build and implement applications at scale. By enabling our partner network, our Performance Cloud engineers can develop the best cloud solutions, providing you with scalable, secure hosting solutions that are available worldwide. 


Jelastic is a powerful layer that can be used as a dedicated cloud solution, or to operate as the cloud broker layer above all your solutions. Using Jelastic in Azure reduces the time that we need to manage our hosting platform. It makes hosting easier, more flexible and provides us with the technology base that we need to serve our customers.


With our experience we developed the past 10 years, we use Amazon Web Services (AWS) because it provides a broad set of products and services you can use as building blocks to run sophisticated and scalable applications.