We see ourselves as your IT partner and cloud integrator, making your business our priority. A dedicated team of experts with over 20 years of experience, will maintain your platform and integrate new and existing websites on your platform. We are specialized in building, optimizing, monitoring and securing your cloud solutions, and when required we will go the extra mile to keep your solutions running.

Optimize the operational activities

Pro-actively we provide you with advice on optimizing the operational activities. If operational tasks become repetitive, we would pro-actively advise to automate them, with in the end a more efficient and cost-efficient platform, with less incidents and less cost to maintain. We act as your cloud team, can work in a small environment, or in a bigger corporate environment, knowing how to manage requests from both business and IT.

Way of working

We believe the best way of working is teamwork. This translate both to our internal processes and how we work with our customers. Our team of system engineers follow Agile and Kanban principles, this enables us to act quickly and to continuously improve our service. But if it is the customer standard to work ITIL, we are used to work together using this global standard. Together with you, we identify joint responsibilities based on your needs. Expect a personal service, tailored specifically for you.

Monitoring and support

During our extended business hours, our customer service agents are available to help you with questions or request.  Reachable by phone and mail, our team is fluent in English and Dutch. Furthermore, we have an 24/7 emergency service in case of downtime or attacks. We establish shared SLA’s based on your specific requirements. All resources are continuously monitored by our Ops team. The best solutions are always discussed when working together on a contract, where we try to find the best solution for both of us.

This is what you will experience:

  • Excellent platform management.
  • We provide efficient solutions for your platform.
  • Way of working that suits best with your organization or project.
  • 24/7 (digital) monitoring.
  • A reliable partner who thinks along with you.

Curious about our operations?

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