Cloud Solutions

Cloud Solutions

The freedom of the cloud offers great opportunities, but the full potential of the cloud is often not utilized. Any business can move a virtual machine to the public cloud, but would that be any different that running it on-premise? In the end, it’s not about being in the cloud, but utilizing the full potential of the cloud for your business. And to this, we believe there are no basic recipes.

Our expertise

Performance Cloud has a rich history and expertise in hosting solutions. Over 25 years ago we started offering dedicated hosting solutions. Meanwhile a lot has changed, and so have we. In order to offer best in-class solutions we believe it is necessary to continuously be on the lookout for new technologies.

We have experience with many different platforms and services. It gives us the ability to pick the best ingredients required to build secure cloud solutions. This includes but not limiting to:

  • Automated deploys of virtual machines using Puppet or Foreman.
  • Isolated cloud environments for added security
  • Kubernetes in Azure (AKS) or Google Cloud.
  • Platform-as-a-Service for hosting microsites using Jelastic.

Partners of Performance Cloud

Over the years we have created valuable partnerships with world-leading public cloud providers. As independent cloud expert, we can choose the right cloud provider that meets your business goals.

Our partners:

Transition to the Cloud

Even if your applications need some improvement to be ready for cloud, we can work together in a research and development track. Together with the application developers, we can provide guidance in your route to cloud. Step by step, in a velocity that fits the roadmap of the development team. We automate as much as possible, like automated rollout of (security) patches.

Kubernetes solutions

At performance cloud, we have an extensive experience in running applications on Kubernetes clusters. Kubernetes is a future proof solution that is easy to manage and scales automatically when needed. Automatic deploys, rolling updates and rollbacks, reduce the necessity of system administrators, allowing developers to rapidly implement changes to the application. Furthermore, Kubernetes can be integrated with GitLab, automatically deploying commits to staging or production environments.

Kubernetes is easy to maintain when everything is up and running. However, the setup can be a daunting process, choosing the right tools can be difficult and the learning curve is steep. This is where we excel, knowing which features to use in order to setup a cluster that matches your needs. This can range from migrating existing applications to run on a Kubernetes, to fully customized solutions build from scratch.

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