Jelastic was founded in 2011 with the mission to provide Java, PHP, Ruby, Node.js or Python developers with an easy way to setup application environments and deploy applications quickly. In order to accelerate their path to market, the founders built relationships with several hosting service providers to market the software. Today, Jelastic’s Platform-as-Infrastructure is rapidly becoming the standard for hosting service providers worldwide and is penetrating the enterprise market by delivering a superior turnkey cloud environment at a fraction of the cost of existing virtualization solutions.


Jelastic is a platform-as-a-Service. It provides a powerful layer that can be used as a dedicated cloud solution or can operate as the cloud broker layer above all your solutions. Using Jelastic we are able to reduce the time that you need to bring your website to the market. It makes hosting more fun and easier adds flexibility to your developers and provides you with the technology base that you need to serve your needs.

Jelastic combines benefits of both Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and Container-as-a-Service cloud models. Jelastic unleashes the full potentials of a cloud for enterprises, developers and managed web hosting platforms.

Due to the simple approach, self-serviceable solutions can be a very good solution for a closed website community in a corporate environment. We can provide full control of access and a managed hosting solution as an extension of your marketing team. It is able to bring a suitable solution to meet any DevOps needs.

Jelastic comes with (automatic) horizontal scaling, works together with multiple public clouds, and can help to reduce your total costs of ownership (TCO).


As mentioned earlier, Jelastic makes hosting easier, a few examples:

  • Easier to create diverse environments (development, test, production)
  • Zero downtime deployment with automated traffic distribution
  • Vertical and Horizontal scaling
  • Out-of-the-box TCP and HTTP(S) load balancing
  • Ability to hibernate, stop, restart, clone applications
  • Log viewer, file and config manager within a native dashboard
  • Deployment via GIT, SVN, FTP, and SFTP


Using Jelastic in Azure reduces the time that we need to manage our hosting platform. It makes hosting easier, more flexible and provides us with the technology base that we need to serve our customers. Besides that, the Jelastic platform connects perfectly to the Agile website development method, because the developer is in control of code-deploys and releases. It enables us to accelerate website releases.


Performance Cloud can help your business to grow with Jelastic. Reach out to us and our hosting & security experts will give you more information.

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