7 critical considerations for choosing a cloud security provider

Keeping your data safe requires forward-thinking approaches to cybersecurity. Learn how you can augment your existing on-premises infrastructure with security measures in the cloud for a more robust web security posture.

10 top things to look for in a cloud security solution provider

Searching for a Cloud Security Provider can be confusing. Many providers appear the same at first glance: similar metrics, similar promises. Choosing a cloud security solution to work successfully with your  existing security infrastructure requires understanding what’s really being offered.

Bot Manager - product brief

Websites provide online businesses with an unprecedented level of contact with customers and end users. However, they also place business information where it can be easily accessed by third parties – often using automated tools known as “bots”.

Manage, don't mitigate: what you need to know about bots and scrapers

A bot, or web robot, is a software application that runs automated tasks over the Internet. Web bots and screen scrapers – which scrape information from website pages – may be deployed by search engines, competitors, and other third parties.