Bot Manager - product brief

Bot Manager

Advanced strategies to flexibly manage the long-term business and IT impact of bots

Websites provide online businesses with an unprecedented level of contact with customers and end users. However, they also place business information where it can be easily accessed by third parties – often using automated tools known as “bots”. For many organizations, bots represent up to 50%  or more of their overall website traffic, from good bots engaged in essential business tasks to bad  bots performing harmful activities. Regardless of business impact, bot traffic can reduce website  performance for legitimate users and increase IT costs. Organizations need a flexible framework  to better manage their interaction with different categories of bots and the impact that bots have  on their business and IT infrastructure.

Bot Manager

Bot Manager relies on the simple premise that not all bots are created equal. Many bots play a legitimate role in an organization’s online business strategy. Others harm the business by reducing competitive advantage, getting between an organization and its customers, or committing fraud. Traditional bot mitigation tools typically only block bot traffic, impacting beneficial and harmful bots alike while prompting bots to evolve and return better hidden from detection.

Bot Manager provides organizations with a flexible framework to better manage the wide array of bots accessing their website every day. It offers the abilities to identify bots as they first arrive, categorize different types of bots, and apply the most appropriate management policy for each category. This allows greater control over how each organization interacts with different types  of bots, maximizing business benefits while minimizing any negative business or IT impacts.  

How It Works

Bot Manager combines the visibility and scale of the globally-distributed Akamai Intelligent Platform™ with bot-specific capabilities to identify, categorize, manage, and report on bot traffic. Bot Manager identifies bots as they connect to websites through the closest Akamai Edge server, using a combination of Akamai visibility into worldwide bot activity, bots already known to individual organizations, and the real-time detection of unknown bots. 

Organizations have the flexibility to manage identified bots individually or create categories of bots, assigning different management policies based on the desired interaction with each bot or bot category. Bot Manager helps organizations better understand their bot traffic through the Security Center dashboard and built-in Bot Activity and Bot Analysis reports. 

Benefits to your business

  • Control the wide range of automated bot traffic interacting with your website, including both good and bad bots
  • Gain visibility into the amount and characteristics of bot traffic attempting to access your website.
  • Take action on your bot traffic in the cloud instead of inside your data center.
  • Maintain a competitive advantage and retain control over customer relationships by preventing price and content scraping. • Lower costs by slowing the growth of your web infrastructure and reducing the IT overhead required to manage bots yourself.
  • Improve user experience by reducing the impact of bots on the web infrastructure during regular business hours.
  • Combat fraudulent activity by validating client behavior against legitimate user workflow

Manage, don't mitigate

  • Identify known and unknown bots.
  • Categorize bots based on business impact and detection method.
  • Assign appropriate management policies to every bot category.
  • Report on and analyze ongoing bot traffic and activity

Key Capabilities

  • Leverage bot intelligence — Akamai continuously updates its directory of more than 1,400 known bots in 17 categories that commonly interact with Akamai customers, using its Cloud Security Intelligence (CSI) big data analysis engine.
  • Manage bots by reputation — Bot Manager automatically takes action on individual bots based on past web scraping activity across all Akamai customers, including many of the world’s largest, most heavily trafficked, and most frequently attacked websites.
  • Detect unknown bots — Bot Manager detects traffic from unknown bots using a variety of techniques, including browser fingerprinting, automated browser detection, JavaScript challenges, HTTP anomaly detection, high request rate, workflow validation and more.
  • Automate with machine learning — Bot Manager automatically updates the characteristics and behaviors used to identify both good and bad bots, from individual bot signatures, to bot detection heuristics, and the latest reputation scores across the Akamai platform– to make it easier to keep up with the evolving bot landscape.
  • Customize to your bot traffic — Bot Manager allows organizations to create custom bot signatures and categories to identify specific bots that regularly interact with their website and assign different actions to be taken.
  • Business-oriented policies — Bot Manager enables organizations to apply different management policies to different categories of bots in order to achieve different business and IT outcomes.
  • Manage bots with advanced actions — Bot Manager provides a wide range of actions that can be applied to different types of bots, including alert, block, delay, serve alternate content, and more. In addition, organizations can assign different actions based on the URL or time of day, or by percentage of traffic.
  • Bot-centric reporting and analysis — Bot Manager provides a combination of real-time and historical reporting on bot traffic, from high-level statistics to better understand bot trends to detailed analysis of individual bots or other segments of your bot traffic with sampled HTTP requests and responses.
  • Logging — Enhance visibility into all web traffic by integrating event logs with your security information and event management (SIEM) or other reporting solution through Akamai’s Log Delivery Service (LDS).
  • Site Shield (optional) — Cloak (hide) your application origin from the public Internet to help prevent bots from bypassing the cloud- based protections of Bot Manager and directly accessing the origin.
  • Service Optimization Assistance (optional) — Akamai experts perform regular analysis of bot traffic and the effectiveness of configured management actions and provide recommended changes when needed.

The Akamai Ecosystem

Akamai makes the Internet fast, reliable, and secure. Our comprehensive solutions are built on the globally distributed Akamai Intelligent Platform™, managed through the unified, customizable Luna Control Center for visibility and control, and supported by Professional Services experts who get you  up and running easily and inspire innovation as your strategies evolve.