Akamai Edge Day 2: mPulse, Bot Manager Premier, Enterprise Application Access and Enterprise Threat Protector

Akamai Edge Day 2: mPulse, BotManager Premier, Enterprise Application Access and Enterprise Threat Protector

Consultant Hosting & Security Bas Greevink is in Las Vegas for the Akamai Edge event. Yesterday was his second day at the conference. This blog will provide his take-aways and elaborate on new services Akamai introduced during this first conference day.

Over 4000 people attended the main stage where Akamai CEO Tom Leighton opened Akamai Edge. Tom Leighton talked about modern developments that can potentially harm your digital customer connections and introduced new Akamai innovations to protect your company.


One of these innovations being introduced was mPulse, Akamai’s end-users monitoring tool. With this tool, an important question can be addressed: How does performance impact your business? mPulse technology and data science provides the capabilities for detailed performance and advanced error analysis, and correlates them to business metrics.

One of mPulse’s main benefits is that the tool allows to find trends without having to go through data overload. It will put insights into actions and predicts the outcome of performance changes before they happen, which will satisfy both business and IT stakeholders when making decisions.

Bot Manager Premier

Bot Management is a hot topic at Akamai Edge 2017. Therefore, it was no surprise that Bot Manager Premier was discussed during the opening keynote. Bot Manager Premier can help protect against malicious bots. A fact is that 2/3 of login attempts are malicious. Bot Manager Premier can identify a real person, and denies bots acting as persons. Malicious bots are denied access.

Enterprise Application Access

With Enterprise Application Access we can help our customers protect applications behind a firewall. Nowadays an attack commonly occurs within the office of an organization. Enterprise Application Access allows you to protect the internal IT infrastructure, without providing user access to the entire network. Furthermore, Enterprise Application Access services can be combined with the already existing security service Kona Site Defender.

Enterprise Threat Protector

Finally, Enterprise Treat Protector was introduced. With this service, we can protect our customer’s infrastructure from threats such as ransomware, malware, phishing and data-exfiltration. This can be done by pro-actively blocking DNS requests to these sites. Setting up these blocks is as easy as making a DNS change!

Marketplace for partners

This session was added to the Akamai Edge agenda last minute, providing the latest updates regarding the upcoming ‘Marketplace’.

In a short period of time, a completely new marketplace will be introduced. This marketplace is meant for existing Content Delivery Network and Security Services customers.

To make it easier to test the performance and security products, Akamai introduces a Marketplace in its management portal Luna. With this marketplace we can offer trials to our customers for a limited period of time. With the new marketplace we hope that we can improve our performance & security services, as well as adding services that help you increase your revenue from the website or add extra services that better protect your website globally. The marketplace will become available from the second half of October.

akamai edge vegas
akamai edge vegas
akamai edge vegas


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